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Political Science Quarterly Subscriptions

A retired Harvard University professor and experienced writer and publisher, Jorge I. Dominguez specializes in Latin American political science, international affairs, and democratic development. A member of many professional organizations, Jorge I. Dominguez served on the editorial board of Political Science Quarterly (PSQ) from 1984 to 2018.

PSQ started in 1886 when a Columbia University professor collaborated with a New York publisher to distribute the first issue. Since then, PSQ has released an issue every quarter, informing academics and the general public on diverse national and international political issues. The journal is nonpartisan, and it maintains rigorous standards to ensure that articles provide sufficient evidence to back their claims. Alongside articles from new and established scholars, each issue contains 30 to 40 book reviews.

PSQ offers subscriptions to individuals and institutions. Its special membership grants more expanded benefits, such as complete archival access to PSQ’s collection on JSTOR starting from its founding. Special memberships are also partially tax-deductible.