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The Network of Global Leaders’ Inter-American Dialogue

An expert in Latin American political science, democratic development, and Cold War history, Jorge I. Dominguez is a writer, publisher, and former Harvard professor who served as an active member of many professional organizations during his career. From 1983 to 2018, Jorge I. Dominguez was a member of the Inter-American Dialogue, a nonprofit funded by the Network of Global Leaders program grants, and other sources.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Inter-American Dialogue has over 60 years of experience in creating methods to better integrate Latin American countries into world affairs. Its initiatives and programs pertain to global political and economic systems as well as social and cultural movements, alongside tracking its target area’s progress in adopting reforms in these subjects. Its 100 members comprise leading experts with global representation, more than half from Latin American countries, in fields including but not limited to politics, academia, and media. The group’s area of focus encompasses over 35 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.