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Harvard University’s Academy Scholars Program


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Academy Scholars Program
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Retired Harvard University faculty member Jorge Dominguez has had a distinguished academic and scholarly career. A member of the American Political Science Association, Jorge Dominguez has served as the chair of Harvard University’s Academy for International and Area Studies.

The Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies was established to promote the study of foreign cultures, languages, societies, politics, economies, and their histories. In furtherance of this goal, it funds the Academy Scholars Program to identify and support the academic work of scholars whose work has a background in law or the social sciences and combines this with firm knowledge of the language or history and other issues regarding a foreign region. The scholarship of selected candidates may delve into issues either in the present or the past.

The program is only open to PhD recipients and doctoral candidates in the social sciences or law. Every year, hundreds of scholars apply for the program, with only about one percent being admitted. These scholars are selected for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in residence at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They receive financial assistance to carry out their research and to acquire additional training in their respective fields. They complement their research with active participation in the university’s academic life, advising graduate students on research projects as well as engaging with Harvard Academy Senior Scholars.