Article Investigates Democratic Claims of Communist Regime Leaders

A former professor at Harvard University, Jorge I. Dominguez taught courses on international politics, focusing on Cuba and Latin America. Jorge Dominguez has also authored several articles on Latin American political science and democratic development, including The Democratic Claims of Communist Regime Leaders.

The publication zooms in on claims from Cuba’s political leaders that the country has maintained a substantial level of democratic procedures in its elections system. According to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba implemented descriptive inclusion in the 2018 election to ensure demographic representation regarding gender and race to reflect the national population distribution. The article investigates the existence of demographic inclusion (gender and race) and disparities, the age gap of Cuban Council members, and the application of voter information in the selection and deselection of council members.

The article finds that the claims of democratic procedures and electoral fairness are not credible. Cuba’s popular election results have little impact on Council membership.


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