Principles Upholding Democracy

With a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University, Jorge I. Dominguez has published many books on the political and economic situation of Latin America. Jorge Dominguez co-edited the collection of critical essays titled The Construction of Democracy, which brought scholars from seven countries to explore what democracy means and make practical recommendations on how to practice a better democracy.

For a country to rule by democracy, it has to uphold its principles. First, democracy ensures that all members of a society are given and allowed to exercise equal rights and obligations. There is no unelected hierarchy of power, and everyone is treated fairly.

The government must also recognize that while the majority rules, the minority has to be protected because every citizen is entitled to different opinions. Also, a government that plans on constructing democracy has to be open in its affairs. The populace is allowed to know about legal proceedings, electoral processes, and everything that impacts citizens’ lives.

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