Remuneration of Scholars in the Academy Scholars Program

person wearing red graduation dress

Jorge I. Dominguez graduated from Yale in 1967 summa cum laude, and earned his PhD from Harvard five years later. He was the chair of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies for about 14 years. During this time, Jorge I. Dominguez closely oversaw the selection of scholars into the Academy Scholars Program.

The Academy Scholars Program identifies and supports outstanding scholars whose works display disciplinary excellence. These scholars usually specialize in the social sciences, and possess knowledge of the history and languages of cultures outside the US or Canada. Academy Scholars are appointed by the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies for a two-year, in-residence, postdoctoral fellowship with financial support. Only recent PhD recipients or doctoral candidates in the social sciences (including law) are eligible for the Academy Awards Program.

Postdoctoral scholars receive a yearly stipend of $70,000, while scholars picked before getting their PhD get a $35,000 annual allowance until they obtain their doctorate. Scholars also receive funding for conference and research travel, health insurance coverage, and research assistants.

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