The State of US-Cuba Relations

A former Harvard professor focused on Latin American studies, Jorge Dominguez has published several books that explore Cuba’s political and economic landscapes. On June 27, 2017, Jorge Dominguez published an op-ed in the New York Times that discussed America’s relations with Cuba in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s June 16 speech in Miami in which he announced the cancellation of former President Obama’s deals with Cuba.

As of the date of publication of the op-ed, many of the previous US administration’s policies toward Cuba were still in effect, despite Trump’s assertions that he had canceled all deals made between former President Obama and Cuba. In fact, Trump had even ratified some of those policies, including military cooperation between the two states along Guantanamo’s perimeter, air and sea collaboration against drug trafficking, and security cooperation to halt undocumented migration. On the economic front, the United States’ commercial flights to Cuba were still in operation, and agricultural exports to Cuba were still flowing, as were financial remittances from the US to Cuba.

The reason for this? According to the US Treasury, the changes announced by Trump could take effect only when new regulations were issued. The White House later said that the issuance of new regulations could take months, which ensured that the status quo remains. As it stands, Trump’s reluctance to reopen bilateral negotiations and political debate over US-Cuba policy, despite his strong rhetoric, implies an openness to maintaining US-Cuba relations as they are.

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